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Call us on 6734 1818

Call us on 6734 1818

Travel Agency in Singapore

Travel Agency

Voted as the #1 Travel Agency for New Zealand and Australia (under Qantas Holidays) by Weekender Travellers Choice, you are assured of a hassle-free, personalized vacation. Jetabout Holidays is a leading tour & travel agency in Singapore under the Holiday Tours Group, highly-regarded travel specialist for Australia and New Zealand tours.

We're 75% owned by Qantas and hold over 30 years in the travel industry. Throughout the years, our reputation as a top travel agency has garnered awards within the industry. Today, the Holiday Tours Group has 17 operating entities in 10 countries with staff numbering more than 700 and over 30 years of relevant experience in the Travel and Holidays sector.
travel agency in singapore
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Jetabout Holidays partners with tourism affiliations, providing bundled tour package deals for travelers looking for vacation in Australia. These initiatives allow us to provide you with variety of holiday options, catering for travel groups such as family, free & easy travelers and those interested with going on a self drive holiday! Our travelers be rest assured with hassle-free itinerary and inclusions of highly recommended accompanied activities 

With those experience comes insight, expertise and knowledge that has in turn allowed us to blossom into one of the market leaders in the travel agency industry in Asia. This has in turn allowed us to cover the entire spectrum of travel services and offer one convenient solution to customers.

We provide full spectrum of travel services ranging from land tour, flight, hotel and free and easy tour package bookings. Get in touch with us for the best travel packages, vacation deals and most of all, a perfect holiday carefully crafted for you

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and memories the two things money can’t buy.

Why you need a top travel agent

Memories are the best travel gifts we can ever have. Yet it’s the many little things that could go wrong when you’re planning that all-important escapade. Missed flights, bad accommodation, terrible food; Thus, your best bet to a wonderful, hassle-free journey of a lifetime is to have a reliable and reputable tour agent to personalize your dream vacation.

 Perks of personalization

An expert travel planner will get you talking. Both of you will connect on a personal level over your love for travel and holiday destinations. This is when your preferences and travel styles shine through. A top travel planner will use this information to personalize your itinerary and requests. 

 Making dreams come true

One of the brilliant perks of having a travel agent planning your vacation is having the best options and priority. It’s not just the free upgrades and better rates; you might even jump queue to get that impossible reservation on the popular cruise dinner or first priority on seating arrangements and plans. Whatever you’re after, the best travel agents will be able to go the extra mile for you.

 Taking pride in happy customers

It’s the niggling details that will truly make you appreciate the expertise of your agent. Jetabout Holidays travel planners have accommodated tens of thousands of unique requests and itineraries – when you’re with a top travel agent, you only need to make sure your camera has enough spare batteries to last you a full day

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