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Trafalgar’s guided holiday is arguably one of the world's favourite providers of great value holidays to various holiday destinations and hotspots. Founded in 1947, Trafalgar hires only the best tour directors in the industry to ensure that when you book a guided tour with us, you will enjoy the perfect holiday! Trafalgar’s guided holidays takes you into the heart of your chosen holidaying country, providing an exclusive perspective on the people, places and history that you will be visiting and experiencing.

And now with Jetabout’s partnership with Trafalgar guided tours, you too can book your very own Trafalgar guided tour to complement your holiday itinerary! Some guided tour destinations by Trafalgar include France (eg. The Treasures of France tour where tourists will visit the historic landing beach of Normandy), England (for instance the English countryside garden tours) and the United States of America (eg. Wonders and Flavours of The Golden State, a California themed tour)

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Booking Period: Now - 26 May 2017

Europe & Britain   Incredible Offer

Date Usual Price
Current Promotion

 11 Days Northern Spain 8-Jul-17 S$2933 S$2377
12-Aug-17 S$2933 S$2377
 9 Days Spanish Wonder 19-Aug-17 S$2275 S$1866
26-Aug-17 S$2275 S$1866
2-Sep-17 S$2373 S$1942
9-Sep-17 S$2373 S$1942
 12 Days Balkan Delight 26-Aug-17 S$3745 S$3006
9-Sep-17 S$3773 S$3028
 14 Days Scenic Scandinavia & its Fjords 31-Aug-17 S$4865 S$3875
 10 Days Ultimate Iceland 27-Aug-17 S$6013 S$4765
 7 Days Best of Holland 3-Sep-17 S$2450 S$2002
 7 Days European Highlights 20-Aug-17 S$2555 S$2083
3-Sep-17 S$2590 S$2111
10-Sep-17 S$2590 S$2111
 12 Days European Whirl 3-Sep-17 S$4165 S$3332

USA & Canada   Incredible Offer

Date Usual Price Current Promotion
 14 Days East Coast & Canada 14-Jul-17 S$5285 S$4228
11-Aug-17 S$5285 S$4228
18-Aug-17 S$5285 S$4228
21-Sep-17 S$5313 S$4249
6-Oct-17 S$5285 S$4228
 14 Days Western Discoverer 3-Aug-17 S$5005 S$4009
24-Aug-17 S$4970 S$3982
 7 Days Canada’s Rockies 5-Sep-17 S$2793 S$2282
 15 Days Scenic Parks Explorer 10-Oct-17 S$5670 S$4528
 8 Days Great East Coast Cities 15-Jun-17 S$3815 S$3080
 10 Days The Californian
4-Aug-17 S$4193 S$3375
25-Aug-17 S$4193 S$3375
29-Dec-17 S$4550 S$3654
  • Valid on Trafalgar & CostSaver selected itineraries & departures only.
  • Not valid with in conjunction with other promotions.
  • Brochure Discount is NOT applicable.
  • Strictly valid for NEW bookings with minimum 2 persons travelling together only.
  • Trips will be advertised as Sell Price as indicated in above.
  • Adult / Child at same rate. 



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