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JP/OKA/3K-DRIVE-ANA | 5 Night(s) Package

5 Nights Drive! Okinawa (ANA Intercontinental Manza Resort) Departs 3Dec

Highlights of Okinawa - Beach and City


~ Return economy airfares to Okinawa on Jetstar (Includes 20KG check in baggage, all applicable airport taxes and standard seat allocation).
~ 2 nights accommodation at ANA Intercontinental Manza Beach Resort with daily breakfast.
~ 2.5 hours Blue Cave Snorkeling Tour (Including rental of equipments and wetsuit).
~ Choice of 3 nights accommodation in Naha City with daily breakfast.
~ 5 Days Car Rental including collision Damage waiver (CDW) and Non Operation charge and English/Chinese GPS basing on the car ground as below:-
* 1 or 2 Adults - 1500cc (CUBE, Note or Similar)
* 3 Adults / 2A1C / 2A2C - 1800cc (PREMACY or similar)
* 4 Adults - 2000cc (Stepwagon or similar)
~ 2 ways airport/Naha hotel/airport transfers by chartered taxi.

*** SUGGESTED ITINERARY (Admission fees are NOT included in the package cost) ***


Flight schedule: 3K791 / 0220HRS - 0830HRS (Please be at the Singapore Changi Airport T1 on Saturday night for your flight departing on Sunday)
On arrival, take a shuttle to the car rental company for car rental registration follow by collection of car. Do note that an International license is erquired to drive in Japan.
Proceed on your Okinawa Road trip ! The drive to the hotel is approx 49KM (50mins). On arrival, check in (standard check in time is from 2PM, early check in is subject to availability) and rest for the day.

Your Blue Cave Snorkeling trip will be booked to depart this afternoon at 2.30PM, make your own way to the tour departing point (Approx 10 mins walk from hotel) to join the tour. Blue Cave snorkeling is most easy way to enjoy Blue Cave. Everybody can enjoy watching fantastic blue and tropical fishes. Even you cannot swim, don’t worry. You can always grab float which instructor will be guiding you. Total duration of tour is 2.5 hours.

Back to hotel / drive out for some local ramen.

** NOTE: If you prefer to go on the trip on the following day, you can select to go at either one of the timing (8am / 10am / 12.30pm or 2.30pm)

Overnight: ANA Intercontinental Manza Beach Resort


After breakfast, you might want to explore some of the following attractions around the area:-

* Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium - There are about 740 species and 21,000 of creatures at Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium. At “Kuroshio Sea” section which features one of the world’s largest acrylic tank, visitors can observe the largest fish in the world whale shark and the world’s first successfully bred-in-captivity manta rays. “Cafe Ocean Blue” is located next to the large tank. Visitors can enjoy eating dishes including taco rice, pasta, ice cream and others while whale sharks pass you by.
* Shimabuta Shichirin - Yaki "Manmi - This is the popular yakiniku (BBQ) restaurant in Nago City. Yanbaru shimabuta (pigs which was produced in Northern Okinawa) are grown up in different environment and on different food. Each part of pork was cut differently to serve the finest meat. The rare parts of pork are only available at this restaurant.

* Busena Marine Park - You can have a panoramic view of the 4 meter depth underwater at the observatory, which is located at 170m offshore of Cape Busena. The view of colorful tropical fish reminds of the underwater castle. It is indoor observatory, so you can enjoy the view even on rainy days. Also, you can see tropical fish closer from a whale-shaped boat because bottom part of this boat is made of glass. Enjoy strolling under the sea with your clothes on.

* Kouri Bridge - Kouri Island is the small island which takes about 20 minutes by car to go around. You might feel like driving over the ocean when you cross Kouri Bridge which is connected to the island. Kouri Island is also called as “the Love Island,” and Okinawan version of Adam and Eve legend is passed down in this island. “Heart Rock,” the heart-shaped rock which floats on the ocean, is a hot topic that everybody talks about. You might feel sweet when you visit Kouri Island.

* Kouri Ocean Tower - the white building with triangle-shaped rooftop, is standing on a hill where you can see from Kouri Bridge. Guests can visit a museum which over 10,000 of shells from in & out of Japan are exhibited, and the scenic view of the ocean at an observatory tower is breathtaking. A restaurant that serves special curry and pizza is also located within the Tower. Sweets using local products in Kouri Island are produced and available at a shop. These are good for souvenir.

* Bise Fukugi Trees - Bise is a community, which is near the north gate of Ocean Expo Park, and is located along a coastline. Fukugi (common garcinia) trees using as a windbreak are beautiful, and the blue ocean shows up after going through the trees. Ie Island is viewable as well, and it is about 30 minutes from Okinawa Main Island by ferry. Enter from Ocean Expo Park side, walk along the coast for 15 – 20 minutes on foot, you will get to the northern tip named Bisezaki. It is good to find spots with a good atmosphere while looking at the alley. Don’t forget to bring an anti-insect spray since it is tree-lined street.

* Ryukyu Mura - Ryukyu Mura in Yomitan Village is the facility that you can enjoy the whole Okinawan experience. A Sanshin lesson, craft experience including Bingata dyeing, indigo dyeing, weaving, Shisa painting and Okinawan sweets Sata andagi making experience are offered. Some of thehands-on experience programs are enjoyable even on a rainy day. An entertainment parade (Michi junee), eisa performance and fork & entertainment show are attractive as well. A restaurant which serves Okinawa cuisine is also recommended.

Overnight: ANA Intercontinental Manza Beach Resort


After breakfast, check out of hotel and continue to explore the central Okinawa attractions. On route to Naha, you might also want to stop by some of following places for meals and shopping:-

* Aeon Mall Okinawa Rycom - Full-scale resort mall that brings the Okinawa experience only to be tasted here. The bridge between Asia and the world, a new story that beings in Okinawa. A new generation resort mall, surrounded by the blue sky and sea, has been born in the land of RyCom. Food, culture, and tradition. In the gradual flow of time… A place to feel the old and the new Okinawa. A place to encounter locally originated glamour and Okinawa based trends. A place where the warmth of Okinawan people will comfort all visitors.

* Mihama American Village - a large entertainment complex located in Chatan, Okinawa. Built on reclaimed land, the village is a perfect destination for families with a vast range of shops, restaurants, entertainment facilities. The village provides a nostalgic outlet for international visitors, military personnel and their families, and also an interesting diversion for local residents. The Americana themed village is the perfect place to visit if you’re craving American styled shops, restaurants, cafes and entertainment that blends well with the Okinawa island culture.

Arrive at Naha City, proceed to check in at the hotel and rest for the day.
Overnight: Choice of hotel in Naha


Some of the attractions for your consideration for today's program:-

* Nirai Kanai Bridge - Overlook a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean from this bridge. You can see Kudaka Island, so called God’s Island, beyond the ocean. As parking on the bridge is prohibited, please stay at the observatory to enjoy the view. Although it is one bridge, there are actually two names on it. The one on the landward side is named Nirai Bridge, and the ocean side is Kanai Bridge. Nirai Kanai means a sacred land, which is believed to exist beyond the sea. Enjoy the superb view while wondering the mysterious world.

* Sefa Utaki - This place is one of seven Utaki, which is the sanctuaries created by Amamikiyo, the Goddess of Ryukyu Kaibyaku (Okinawan legend). The inaugural ceremony of the highest rank pythoness “Kikoe-okimi” is believed to have held here. This is the most sacred place in Okinawa that worshipped by many people today. It was registered as a World Heritage in 2000. Getting through Sangui, the worship site made of two huge rocks, you can see Kudaka Island. * Yamanochaya Rakusui - The restaurant with stone steps surrounded by flowers is located in the middle of a mountain. After entering, you will see a natural rock face first. It creates a distinctive atmosphere. A feature of the menu is healthy local foods using fresh ingredients, which is loved by many women. A beautiful ocean spreads out of the windows. * Okinawa World - This is a theme park that presents the local history, culture and nature and that has a main attraction of 5 kilometer long cave Gyokusendo. A beautiful town of Ryukyu Kingdom era is re-created in the castle town area by relocating more than a hundred year-old houses. At this area, you can experience traditional crafts such as Bingata and making paper. Do not miss the Super Eisa show which is the mix of traditional Eisa dance and Kachashi dance (performed 4 times a day).
* Valley of Gangala - The cave with a river and forest called Valley of Gangala was formed when a cave collapsed tens thousand years ago. “Gangala” means the sound of throw stones by ancestors. Many stone tools and fossils have been discovered here, and there is a site that the skeletons of Minatogawa Man, prehistoric people of Okinawa, were found nearby. Rock formation, huge stalactites and a 20 meter high banyan are must-see.

Overnight: Choice of hotel in Naha


A full day around Naha City for food and shopping! However, suggestions as below:-

* Shurijo Castle Park - The sightseeing spot, which represents Okinawa, was designated as world heritage in 2000 and is the landmark that symbolizes the prosperity of Ryukyu Dynasty. It is about 5 hectare of land. However, only a part of the park is open for public. Visitors need to follow a series of arrows, and it takes about 1 hour to 1 hour & 30 minutes to take a tour. If you want to take more time to see, take a free tour guide with you. The tour guide will show you paid-zones.

* Makishi Public Market - Various types of ingredients including fresh fish, meat, daily food and dry food are available at this market which is powerful and filled with excitement. There is a system called “mochiage (lift-up)” which is popular for tourists; you can purchase fresh fish on the 1 floor of the market and ask for a staff of a restaurant to cook the purchased fish, which will be served on the 2 floor (500 yen each for preparation).

* Heiwa Street & Tsuboya Yachimun Street - Heiwa Street is an arcade starts from in front of Okinawa Mitsukoshi, and souvenirs and folk crafts for young people are available here. After passing the arcade, you will be on Tsuboya. It is the district that potters from each area gathered for orders by Ryukyuan Government. Along the well-maintained Tsuboya Yachimun Street, various types of yachimun (pottery) are lined up at old and new shops. Enjoy a relaxed atmosphere while feeling the history!

* Kokusai Street - When it comes to shopping in Naha City, Kokusai Street might come to mind. It is always filled with many tourists, and souvenir shops and restaurants are located. If you want to go to find fancy or unique stuff, take a back street. Traditional and modern mixed folk craft shop, fancy cafe and stand-like coffee shop are all located on New Paradise Street behind Matsuo bus stop. You can see the different view than Kokusai Street.

This afternoon, return your car to the car rental company and you will be booked a taxi from the Airport back to your city hotel.

Overnight: Choice of hotel in Naha

Flight schedule: 3K792 / 0930HRS - 1340HRS

Transfers by chartered taxi to the airport at about 7am.

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Important Notes

~ Valid for travel on date / flight shown only.
~ Strict cancellation policy apply once booking is confirmed.
~ Standard check in time of the resort/hotel is 1400hrs and check out time of the resort is 1000rs.
~ An International driving license is required to drive in Japan.
~ DO note most hotels in Okinawa charge for parking which is NOT included in the package price.
~ All admission charges are NOT included in the tour package cost.
~ Highway toll fees are applicable on all main highway and it will be payable direct.
~ Car must be return with full tank petrol otherwise penalty charge will apply.
~ NO change of change model is allow on-site once booking is confirmed.
~ Baggage allowance is 20kg per person and 7kg for hand luggage.
~ Payment may be made in Singapore Dollars by cash, NETS, cheques and credit cards.
~ Due to fluctuation on currency exchange and changes on airfare, prices are subject to change without prior notice.

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